Wednesday, October 01, 2008

tough times

Yesterday we were sitting at work, when the boss had an impromptu meeting with some of the long-time folks from work. I wasn't called back, and I was grateful, because I knew what was going down... layoffs.

I work for a small company of 16 people doing web/graphic design. I've been there 8+ years. Some of the people let go yesterday had been there 20+ years. No severance package, no healthcare for the month of October, nothing. Lots of tears.

So I went to lunch with the remaining members of my web department, along with Joe, who'd been there for 20 years. His first job out of high school! He's 38 now. Anyway, we said we'd go anywhere he wanted to. He wanted to go to some greasy spoon sports bar dive. So we did. And we all had big, greasy burgers and talked to him and wondered why him and why not other people. I did skip the fries and had cottage cheese instead, along with water instead of soda, so I made an effort.

Then for dinner I had a meatball sub from Subway. I know I shouldn't have, but dammit I was just in a mood. So I did. At least I went with wheat bread and no salt, then skipped the cookies/chips and just drank water.

Yesterday for Big Back Day we swapped in a new exercise... the deadlift. Oh. My. God. If you haven't done it, and I wouldn't be surprised if you hadn't... it's insane. My upper back is screaming at me this morning, which is a good feeling, because I do like the soreness of hard-worked muscles. Let's me know things are going well. Today I did intervals on the elliptical to mix it up (actually I've done that the past three days now), and I kicked it up to lvl 8. I was sweating hard within 7 or 8 minutes, so that was really really good! Today was chest, and I did flat bench (failed my last two reps of the third set... ugg), then dumbbell chest press, then cable crossovers. I felt a big pump leaving the gym today. I'm ready to move forward at work. I guess. Actually, I'm ready to find a new job. I already have one good lead, but I'd like to not put all my eggs in that basket. Anyone know of a nice company around St. Paul, MN that needs a Senior Web/User Experience Designer? Let me know... :)



Anonymous said...

That does suck, man. It's why I'm glad to be in a new work environment with a little more stability. It may not be anywhere as cool as a small, hip web firm, but being a corporate coding monkey in a cubicle farm ain't too bad.

But you're a web guy? Shame on you for sticking with a blogger site!

Bad! Bad Roder!

Roder said...

Well... short answer: I don't much enjoy designing for myself.

Long answer: I used to have a nice layout that I did a couple years ago when I originally launched this blog, but I was so distraught when I went off-plan and torpedoed my own progress that I just deleted the whole thing. And right now just isn't the time to put something original together. But maybe one day. :)

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