Thursday, October 23, 2008


Sorry I didn't get a blog post out this morning. I actually feel guilty about it! It's part of my daily routine, and it helps to keep me focused on my goals.

And let's talk about those, shall we? Now that I'm under three bills again, I think I need to get a bit more aggressive. The cold is coming soon, and I'm going to be spending much of my time indoors during the coming months. I ended the month of September at 306.3, but so far I've only lost 7 pounds for October. Not enough by a lot! So goal #1 right now is to kill another 3 pounds and at least lose 10 before Halloween next weekend. I think that's totally doable, though with the way I've been botching weekends and drinking candy-bar-in-a-cup coffees, it'll take a bit of refocusing on what I want to make it happen.

November? Let's look at dumping 15. That'll put me near 280 going into December, and then I'll only be 30 pounds from 250. Did you know that Homer Simpson, the paragon of fat ass on television for the past what... 20 years? He's 245 according to the show. That's the number that the writers picked to say that he's a big ball of fat. Fuuuuuuck... Anyway, fuck that guy. Let's focus on 3 pounds. Three pounds is easy. A baby could lose that much weight. Seriously. Three pounds? Nothing. Let's get it done. For a nice round number, I'll aim for 295. See how round that is? I'm an idiot. Anyway. That's my short-term goal. Have you set any recently?

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Carrie said...

Oy, the cold. We don't currently have an outdoor thermometer, so I didn't realize it got that cold. I just know our heater's been running a lot. Beautiful out today though (though I heard rumors of yuck for tomorrow).

If I'd wanted cold, I'd have stayed in the Boundary Waters. I'm surprised my co-workers up there haven't gotten a foot of snow yet ;)

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