Monday, October 06, 2008

Pretty decent weekend

Back in April, I went to Chicago with some friends to participate in a game tournament. We get kind of jazzed up for these events, and last fall had some shirts custom made for ourselves. Mine was a 3xl, of course. Well, by April I'd beefed up to the point where this shirt didn't really fit. At all. I wore it only one of the three days, and I could really only button the bottom button, and that was kind of a stretch. My stomach spilled out, and lifted up the hem of the shirt to the point that if I raised my arms a bit, someone could see a bit of tummy out from under it.

How embarassing.

I remember just having a miserable day. I felt awful, I looked awful. I think I went outside and sucked down two packs of cigarettes by 6pm that day. Just terrible.

This past Saturday I got back together with those friends to play the game again. And I grabbed that shirt. I put it on, buttoned it up, then noticed how much room there still was in the shirt. It's a bit billowy.

How wonderful.


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Anonymous said...

That is such an awesome feeling, Roder. I remember the first time that happened to me about a month into my journey.

A friend and I decided to be gentlemen and cook a Valentine's dinner for some of our single girl-friends. I tried on a 3xlt shirt I hadn't been able to wear for at least two years.

And it fit.

I felt like a million bucks.

And now, I'm starting to fit into some XXLs - I can shop at normal stores! This is great.

It really makes you wonder why it took this long to get started.

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