Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ain't it always the way?

I was really hoping to hit 300 today. But secretly? I was hoping to hit 299. I've been having such a big week in terms of losses that I kind of hoped too hard perhaps. You know, it was like this when I got to 30 pounds too - I thought I was there, I was ready for it, then -BAM- I'd gone up a tick and missed it.

So I'm not at 299 yet. And seeing as how today I did arms (doesn't make me sweat nearly as hard as back day), I'm not convinced that I'll see 299 tomorrow. Especially when one factors in the fact that I've got a group lunch today and will probably end up with a chimichanga or a cheeseburger or something else equally stupid. C'mon me, don't be stupid!

Anyway, that's that. 300.8

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