Friday, October 03, 2008


304.4 takes me down 1.5 pounds from yesterday (clearly just a weird hiccup as I'm still averaging between half and 1 pound a day here), but more importantly it gets me past 30 pounds lost! Wow. That's some work. The first five are pretty much free. It's like a starter kit. The second 5 were easy too, but at 300+ they ought to be. But the last 20? This kid worked for those. Believe it.

Next goal, just under five pounds. Then two things happen - I'm under 300 for the first time in years, and I cross my 10% lost barrier with 35 out of my original 335 gone. Well, technically I guess the 10% happens a couple pounds sooner, but whatever. Point being, I'm close! However, and this is *very* important to understand, less than 300 is not my goal. It's only a milestone along the long path to a better me. An important milestone to be sure, but not my goal. I understand, and now you understand that I understand. But hey... 30!


Dale said...

That is awesome! Believe me I am happy for you. This is just the first milestone in a series of many.

Melissa said...

Congrats on hitting that first milestone :)

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