Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday update

This weekend my apartment building did its annual switchover from the central AC to central heat. Makes sense - we are talking about mid-October in Minnesota. However, this weekend was unusually warm, and quite humid as well. Fact of the matter is, as I'm sitting here typing, I'm sweating. Blech. See, I'm on the third floor of this big complex, and that means that all the old biddies below me crank their heat to tropical levels. That stuff rises and this guy gets cooked. During the summer my electricity bill is around $70 from the constant AC usage. In the winter? $20. I don't ever turn my heat on - I open the balcony door and try to cool down. So right now? I didn't sleep for shit. Pretty miserable. But it's supposed to cool down this week, so I'm holding out hope that things get back to okay pretty quickly.

In weight-related news, I'm up my traditional 3 pounds after a weekend of contributing nothing to the good of my world. Fantastic! ;) I did soak my shirt at the gym, so hopefully I shed it by tomorrow, as per usual. But that does mean that I officially have not broken that 300lb barrier just yet.

This morning I've got my doctor's appointment. A full physical. It's my understanding that there will be probing fingers in my anus. I kinda wishing that right now I had a female doctor, if only for the smaller diameter of her digits. Good lord I'm not looking forward to this. And I'm really hoping that diabetes isn't in my immediate future. Bah. I guess I'm feeling a bit nervous.

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Ripx180 said...

free heat is nice ;)... I am sure you will hit your sub 300 this week. "That" doctor appt is never fun. Hopefully you get good news all around, let us know how it goes (the diabetic part, not the finger.... :).)

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