Monday, September 26, 2011

My 2nd Weigh-In, or maybe the 1st

I guess it's the second one at Weight Watchers -- my first came in at 301.6, though this is sort of my first post-intro weigh in, so maybe it's my first one. I feel like I'm making this harder than it needs to be. I'll go with 2nd.

Point being, I was down 3.5lbs since my first visit to WW. Not bad. I'm not sure what the variance is between my scale and theirs (except my birthday suit); I'll be honest, I was expecting 5 pounds. 3.5 is nice and all, but I can do better.

After that weigh-in, I then went to rendezvous with some friends for my bachelor party. I didn't do great, though rules were totally suspended that night so I guess it's sort of okay. Maybe? Not sure. I'm kind of making this up as I go.

I think I failed to mention my surgery. I had a visit to the lovely Mayo Clinic in beautiful downtown Rochester, MN. I won't bother with the details, but they worked on my exhaust vent and I can't do much running (or walking or sitting for that matter). So I'm looking forward to being whole again and getting out there for a light jog. Soon I hope!

Friday, September 23, 2011

If this is one day at a time, I'm going to be Snider

Or was it Schnider? I can't remember. Anyway, Thursday nights are my game nights, when I go hang out with friends and drink and eat to excess. Last night I managed to stay within my points (barely!) and as a reward, the scale gods have given me another 1lb loss. I'll take it, though I have to admit, I found myself thinking about points and calories and food and sandwiches and cocktails and soda and and and...

That's my biggest concern, and one of the truths I've discovered and wrestled with for several years: I will ALWAYS have to think about this stuff. Always. It'll never stop, because when I stop thinking about it, I stop being in control. I don't have an auto-pilot in my brain/body - or if I do, it's set to barrel-roll the plane before stalling it out and crashing into a mountain.

Think think think.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Looks like it's working, if ever so slightly

I'm now a week and a half through Weight Watchers. My official first weigh-in there was 301.6. Today, unofficially on my scale, I was 296.6, good for a 5lb loss. I wasn't able to go check in last weekend as I had out-of-town visitors (and because we went and got KFC for dinner -- explosion!). This weekend won't be any easier as my friends and I will be having fun during my bachelor party, and the weekend after that is the wedding and the weekend after that I'll be in frickin Jamaica!!!!

So we'll see how things work out. I'm not expecting huge success as this seems to be the worst time to join WW, yet there's also no time like the present, so I didn't want to delay. I'm tracking and thinking, and that's all for the good.


Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The more things don't change, the more they stay the same

Today I have engagement photos with the gal. I've known it was coming for some time, and lost no weight for it. In fact, I feel like sometimes I was eating out of spite for these pictures.

Last night I went to get an outfit for the photo session. I had to go to a Big and Tall shop. They never put their shit on sale, so I payed through the nose for an outfit I don't even like that much. Being fat is so limiting.

The gal has been on Weight Watchers for the past month and change. Apparently she'd gone to a dress fitting and things were tight. In the time she's been on the program, she's lost like 14 pounds. Amazing. So this morning I signed up for WW myself. I'm eager to go with her. To have an accountability partner. I work best with a buddy, so I'm thrilled she's going to come with me. Or more likely, she's probably thrilled I'm going to go with her.

299.9 (fuck me!)

Where I've Been and Where I'm Going