Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tag, huh?

Looks like my blogging buddy Will over at 4xlt tagged me in my comments earlier today, which now means that I have to tell my readers 6 random facts or interesting things about myself that they might not necessarily know.

1. My name is Andrew, though since I was in third grade I've been called Roder. I once played the theme to Peanuts on a piano and because my friends weren't clever they called me Schroder, after the piano-playing kid that Lucy crushes on. It took about a day to shorten it. There was a brief respite from that name when I moved away from Minneapolis to Rochester, MN to start my freshman year of high school. People suddenly decided to call me Andy (I'd always been either Andrew (Dad's side of the family), or Drew (Mom's side)). When I hear the name Andy now it's like stumbling upon an old relic lost in time.

Also, it turns out there were a *lot* of unclever kids, and as a result Roder is a seemingly more popular nickname than I'd like to believe; it is taken on every messageboard slash ps3 slash xbox slash whatever, so I've picked up RodeDaddy as a fall back.

2. I primarily listen to some pretty aggressive music. I'd have thought that by my age I'd have transitioned into more of an 'adult contemporary' listener, but I can't seem to shake the angry metal and aggressive rap. I listen to it in the car as loudly as possible (down to 4 speakers from 12 - lol!), though sometimes I've clenched my teeth so hard while driving that my jaw's joint is sore for hours afterward. And yet, as much as I love Black Label Society, my favorite artist of all time is... Michael Jackson. When nobody's watching? I'll dance to his music. Fact!

3. I've never once cheated on a girlfriend. Some things are important.

4. I've cheated on every math exam I could. Some things aren't.

5. One time I had to drive 70 minutes to work, and traffic had stopped on the highway. Like, parking lot stopped. And I had to pee. Bad. So I made the decision to pee on the floormat of my car. Of all the stories that I tell, it might be my best. I'd rather have a good story that will make friends laugh than have a pee-free car. Though a pee-free car is like number two on the list of things I'd like to have. Guess I'm just old-fashioned that way. :)

6. I paint elves. lol. Seriously. It's so nerdy and dorky and not like anything else I'm into, but for whatever reason I love the game Warhammer and will paint these little figures. I obsess about the right shade of red - should I add blue to it and give the hue a cooler purple base, or should I add brown to give it an earthy, muddy quality? Gah! These nerdy things have been featured in hobby magazines and websites. I've never told some of my closest friends about this hobby that I've been doing for almost 9 years. Eighteen months ago I was held up at gunpoint and my car got jacked with my miniatures inside. My insurance paid me for my loss. I got $11,000. Nerd!!!

And with that, I'm off to tag some bloggers... Lyn, Marshmallow, Melissa, Bikini Envy and Lorrie, y'all are up!


susie said...

hilarious! pee-free car....

Tamzin said...

Ak! How did I miss this!

I larfed quite hard reading this. hahahaha I love the math test bit!

I couldn't decide on my meme if I should add the fact that I play World of Warcraft and Warhammer online! My hubby paints miniatures, since he doesn't like painting the horses, I get to. :) Thanks Roder! I enjoyed this one. Cheers and sorry for the "re-tagging".

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