Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's cold!

Well that didn't take long. Two weekends ago it was in the high 60s here. As I type this, it's 34°! Frost is coating the grass. When I left the apt 90 minutes ago it was pitch black outside and 28°. And I'm the idiot going out to my car still wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Fool! Today I think I'm going to pick up a zip-up hoodie and a pair of sweat (athletic? are they still called sweat?) pants after work. I'll have to start bringing a bag and getting a locker at the gym, but I guess that's okay. Maybe I'll even just shower and change for work there. Crap. I'm going to become one of those creepy old dudes who likes to walk around butt-naked in the locker room, striking up conversations with people who don't want to be social with nudists, aren't I?

Yesterday I brought a new exercise to shoulder day - external rotations. I can't believe how hard they are! There are two standing cable machines at the gym, and one is set with a default of 30 pounds. I couldn't do it! Thankfully the other machine's default is 20, so we did three sets of that. This morning when the alarm went off and I rolled over to turn it off, my shoulders pinged, letting me know that I worked them yesterday. Good. I always like the feeling of sore muscles the day after.

Today I got both my t-bar rows and my deadlift in, along with some lighter weight but slow lat pulldowns for the burn and I'm a happy guy. The weekend weight is almost gone (303.5), and things are returning to normal. Oh, and I got a job offer! I'll have to submit to a drug test and a background check before I get it get it, and I want that done before I resign, but yay me, a new job! And it's got a really nice benefits package (I've never had more than two weeks of vacation before, so usually I use them in one and two-day increments for holidays and emergencies - I may actually take a real vacation this next year) and I'm getting a great raise over my current position.

Be positive, put positive energy out into your world, receive positive energy in return. That's my one New Age-y core belief, but I'm telling you it's true. Things are working out.

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Ripx180 said...

it's definitely getting colder here in the NW also. Low 40s this morning and wet. A new position with more money and better bennies, what more could a guy ask for!! congrats. Glad to see the weekend weight is coming back off. I had a similar weekend and am doing the same. Weekends are starting to become my main issue again. Back to the drawing board.

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