Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Train keeps rollin

Because of my workout partner's new job, I'm forced to go to the gym 30 minutes earlier than usual. No big deal, right? Except that there's a huge difference between waking up at 5:45 and 6:15. Huge! Way bigger than the 30 minute difference you can see on the clock. Additionally, he made me go to a different gym! One that was closer to the highway so he could get downtown easier.

For tomorrow, he wins the clock fight, but I win the location fight. The new place sucked. Well, that's not even true. Normally, I'd bet it was fine. It's certainly bigger than the one I go to. And more populated. With women. Which is nice. And distracting. And it's quiet, like a library. No decently loud music. WTF? The ellipticals there suck. The machines are different, and today different seems to = suck. The layout sucks. For the bigger space, it's extra jammed with stuff, and it was hard to get the workout in because our deadlift was bumping up against some dude doing bench press. Bah! It's not that I'm opposed to change, but perhaps at 6:30am I need a bit more normalcy.

I quit last night. Called the bossman to let him know. He took it well, considering. He asked if there was anything he could do, was my decision firm. I told him my offer and said that it wouldn't even be fair to ask him to match, and it wouldn't. He isn't a big company. But I also told him that his place was too unstable and that I was uncomfortable with it. We hung up on good terms. Then two hours later a co-worker called me, because *he* just called and quit. Ugh. Now the boss is returning to the office today instead of being out all day as planned. He wants to meet with both of us. I don't mind confrontations (in fact, I kind of like them), but I can get a bit emotional (not like I start to cry emotional, but just I kind of get wound up and say things that I don't mean, or say things I mean, but too harshly) and depending on how he comes at me, I could blow my top and burn some bridges. It's not something I strive to do, but sometimes? Sometimes I feel pushed or disrespected, and then those babies end up burning bright and lighting my way home. So I'll let him lead today's dance, but if he steps on my toes, I'm out.

Hey me, isn't this a weight-loss blog? Haven't we covered this ground already? Blah blah work, blah blah quit? Whatever. Achieving weight loss, like all goals, is the combination of the physical, the mental and the emotional. Right now the mental/emotional is just getting a bit more attention. But I'd like it to come back into balance. I'm ready. I'm getting annoyed. I miss *my* gym.


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