Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Still Going Strong

This morning's update is a quick one - my workout partner's wife has a meeting out of town, so we're forgoing our morning workout for an evening one instead. I'm not nearly as big a fan of working out after work - I'm a bit tired, and because I didn't get my morning exercise, I've got less energy throughout my workday. But it's just one of those things that has come up, so whatever, I'll deal with it.

As people who regularly read this blog know, weekends are by far my biggest issue. I've done the 10 pound gain, the 5 pound gain, and the wasted week as a result. But this past weekend, I seem to have done a much better job.

Many of us have little numbers in our heads that mean something. Obviously hitting the nice round numbers of being under 300, 250, 200... those are pretty clear numbers we want to hit. But personally... The lowest weight I remember being at in this apartment in the last three years was 303.3, and that was when my friend at work had quit and I was debating leaving too and stressed out and not eating. That was roughly three years ago. So while 303 and 299 are very close, 299 is more of a big picture, community-shared number, whereas 303 is a much more personal, emotional number.

Today I'm 302.5.

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Anonymous said...

And that 303 number is such a huge example of how important the mental game is to weight loss.

It's like me and the 440 mark - the heaviest I ever was. So, when I crossed the 340 mark a few weeks ago, it really meant so much to me.

And while I'm aiming for a 250 weigh in on June 1st, 2009, if I can get down to 240, that'll be 200 pounds.

And that just boggles my mind.

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