Friday, October 17, 2008


Well, the end of another week is here. A slight uptick in my weight has me aware of myself, though not overly concerned. Yet. On Tuesday I pitched a new job, and I'm pretty sure that I've got it. Mostly because the VP of eCommerce called me that evening and said that I've got it. However, she also said that I'd be receiving an electronic offer sheet the next day, and the offer would be FedEx'd to my place by Thursday. Wednesday I thought I was going to have the best day ever by both crossing the 300 pound barrier and resigning my current job - two huge weights lost. I left my Gmail account up on my screen all day, my eyes constantly flitting over to it, waiting, waiting. Nothing. All day, nothing. I ended up leaving work early, it was just too much pressure on myself. I think I drank two fruffy candy-bar-in-a-cup coffees from Starbucks that day. Yikes. Then yesterday for lunch we went to Red Robin - one of the best and WORST hamburger joints around. It was one of the guys' last Thursdays with us as he quit, so his choice. Ugg. Whereas in the past I've done okay, yesterday I just housed all my fries and my bacon and guacamole burger. Thankfully I only drank water! After that, another fruffy coffee. Yoi. I can't stop! I guess this is what the pros would call emotional eating. And that's annoying, because it just doesn't seem like something guys do. I should be watching football and killing defenseless animals and taking my wife for granted, not emotionally eating. ;)

Anyway, the VP emailed me yesterday and she said that HR policies dictate the the position must be posted internally for a week before an offer can be made to me, but that it's a done deal and the job is mine. That was good to hear. I was able to get work done after that, and I didn't go nutso anymore.

I spoke with my mom - she said that when I was little, I was always this way. If ever I got money and we were going shopping, she had to take me to get what I wanted first, lest I drive her absolutely bonkers all day. So the lesson here is, I'm impatient. Another character flaw, chalk it up.

Anyway, tomorrow morning I'm headed to LaCrosse, WI for a nerd day by way of a Warhammer tournament. I'm going to house some nerds, then we're going to grill brats and drink beer. Sounds pleasant. I'm bringing several bottles of water though - I can't go overboard bananas here. I need to be putting some distance between me and 300.

302.4 (though I'm still claiming to be under 300 to my friends - don't tell!)

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Anonymous said...

For real, man. Red Robin and their bottomless fries are of the devil.

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