Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Closet pants II

So yesterday I did something kind of fun... I wore my closet pants to work. And not the ones that kind sorta fit, and definitely not the ones without the button. No, I wore the ones that didn't fit at all last time. Size 40s.

Now, I'll be the first to admit, I looked like an asshole. These pants fit snugly across the waist and butt, and that's fine, though I'm used to having tons of extra room in the hamstring area, and having the butt of my jeans droop a bit. These didn't. I guess they fit me properly, which is a change. lol. Unfortunately, my shirt... I'm in this weird place where my 3xl shirts are now fitting too big for me. They really billow out at the sides and look more like a smock than a shirt. The fact that I wore a long-sleeve tshirt under the short-sleeved 3xl made it look even moreso like a smock over my real clothes.

I cleaned out my closet last night. It look quite some time. It was so dusty and mildewy... I sneezed and sweat and was generally miserable. I found several old shirts, but 2xl are still far too tight on me, especially over my stomach. So I look like an idiot in the 3xl, but I look like a desperate, fat idiot in the 2xl. So I'll stick with the 3 for now.

This is my life. lol!

306.3 <-- new low!


Dale said...

Wow 40's! That is awesome. How many inches is that off the waist?

Roder said...

I'm not sure. I'm wearing 40s now, and I was excited when I first got into some 44s. So I guess 6 inches? That seems like a lot. Somewhere between four and six though. My belt is super-long now! I don't tuck the extra length into my belt loops now, I let it drop after the pin. It's halfway down my leg. It's actually kinda funny. Of course, I look like an ass, but that's my deal lately.

Carrie said...

Hey a size 40 after 44's is nothing to scoff at. Kudo's to you for stepping out of a comfort zone!

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