Tuesday, September 09, 2008

An early plateau?

So apparently plateaus are common among the weight-loss community. Which is good I guess, because I've been at 319 for 5 straight days now. Oh sure, I've had quite a few beers over these last 5 days, and I had one or two bad meals, but I should be dropping weight still. And I'm not. And I'm not digging it.

Yesterday was a good shoulder day, today a good back day. I've been doing intervals on the elliptical machine the past two days, but I'm not really in love with them. I hear that they're better than the constant 'fat burning' speed to burn fat, but even at level 5 today, they weren't really killing me. At all. So tomorrow I might toss in some stationary bike to mix it up.

I hate that it's hard to get initially motivated to do the gym thing, and then once you break that barrier this plateau thing creeps up - and just when things were getting good too.

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