Sunday, September 21, 2008

Suck it weekend.

After last weekend's disastrous 10 pound gain, I knew that things had to change this weekend. Like many people trying to lose weight, the weekend tends be like the change of a dealer at a blackjack table - things are going well, you're successful, you're raking in the chips and dropping the pounds, then boom! this new guy starts dealing cards and ices the table, and players start peeling off and heading for the buffet or the craps table. The schedule change, the time-shift from when meals take place, the loss of routine, whatever it is, weekends just screw me up.

And this weekend was another tuffy, as I split from work at noon on Friday and headed down to my high-school town to join up with friends for cocktails and dinner and some high-school football and rah-rahs. And it was good. Fun times. We never did make it to the football game, but it was great seeing these guys I hadn't seen in years, swapping funny stories and laughing and drinking. I ended up having way too many drinks and was in no condition to drive, so I rented a hotel room within walking distance and slept it off. I woke up in the morning feeling mostly okay, so I called up my buddy and went over there. After a couple hours of sitting on his deck, watching him and his wife pound down nails (10 in two hours!), I'd kind of decided that it was probably time to go. So I went. Got home, picked up some steamed veggies and chicken for dinner, had a beer, then called it a night and was in bed by 9:30.

But what I didn't do was eat heavy. I had a light turkey wrap for dinner on Friday, and some toast and water for breakfast on Saturday. And I also am really *really* feeling those v-squats from Friday. Especially today. Good lord.

Anyway, I just weighed in. 309.7. I'm outta the teens, into the oughts and have a fresh three-week clock that starts to get my next goal complete - to not weigh 300+ pounds. I'm down just over 25 pounds now, and down 4.8 pounds for this week.

I regret not doing this sooner, but I'm so happy that I am doing it now. I'm feeling so good, physically and emotionally. Things are looking up. :)

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