Saturday, September 06, 2008

Another week done.

It's Saturday, but because of the holiday on Monday, everything slid a day back, so this morning I hit the gym to and worked my legs.

Different vibe today.

I didn't post the past couple days, so I should report that I hit a low of 317.1, but today I'm at 317.8. I think that's okay. :) After last week's big loss I was expecting a bit of a trail-off, and I was right. This week I'm down 4.6 pounds (or 5.3 if we use the 317.1). Still a great number.

I'm starting to notice small things. My shirts hang a bit lower as my stomach doesn't pooch out quite as far. Today when doing seated leg curls I could bring the bar that sits over my thighs down to a locked position (when I started my legs were too big and so I couldn't lock the bar - it just lazily sat over my legs and I lamented in silence).

Sometimes I think that I micromanage my weight/scale, but I think that for me it works. It's a daily reminder of where I am and where I'm going. When I have a bad day of eating (sausage and biscuits for lunch on Thursday Roder? Really? That's your choice?), then the next day the scale lets me know what's up. And it forces me to be ever vigilant going forward. So yeah... I'm a bit of a slave to the scale, but based on my progress so far, I'm fine with that.

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