Monday, September 15, 2008

What the shit.

So wow. Last night, after admittedly not having the best weekend in terms of weight loss/eating, I stepped on the scale. 314? No. 315?Not quite. I could do this dumb game all post, but reading 10 of those things would get about as lame as typing them. Nope, I was at a less-than-svelte 324. What the shit? Saturday I road-tripped up to Duluth, MN. For breakfast I had two McGriddle sandwiches, a hashbrown, and a Diet Coke. For lunch, some crappy Chinese food from Shanghi Express (avoid if you're in the area). For dinner? Two Diet Cokes and a uh... full 12" pizza. Ohmygod! I don't know what happened! Well, I guess I do - that happened.

By this morning I'd somehow slept off 5 pounds and was back at 319, but c'mon man. Clearly I didn't injest 35,000 calories in one day (I swear!), so I'm guessing that the McGriddles, Chinese and pizza were all loaded with sodium and I'm retaining liquids something fierce. At least, that's my hope. Because seriously, anything more than a one or two pound gain? In one day? Give me a break.

Anyway, big shoulder workout today, and I'm feeling good. I need to do laundry tonight, I've run out of t-shirts.


Spider63 said...

That shit happens to me all the time. Especially with pizza. It is not the "SODIUM" it is your FAT ASS sucking up the dough like it was layers of clay added to your pillsbury doughboy figure.

The only way to avoid gaining five or ten pounds overnight is to NOT EAT THAT SHIT. Pizza and Chinese food always blow me up like a big fucking bag of gas. Ten pounds is the ballpark gain for a pizza and/or Chinese buffet trip. Five pounds net after not eating the next day due to guilt and being stuffed and wanting to throw up from the grease in the food of the previous day.

Hope that was motivating. I am pissed off because I keep slumping and backsliding like a fucking bitch and I need to MAN UP. I hope you will get motivated too.

Best wishes,

Al the fucking blimp.

RodeDaddy said...

Holy shit. I guess that just happened. lol.

Vampire said...

I think Fatties are mad everywhere!

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