Thursday, September 25, 2008

Good Workouts and Bad Workouts

I think I'm treading water here - nothing of interest to post.

Yesterday I had one of the weaker workouts I've ever had. It started bad as Dan and I debated doing the stationary bike, climbed on for 4 minutes, then realized that that thing sucks and went back to the elliptical. But due to time constraints, we only did 15 minutes of elliptical work. Then we went to do our chest workout and I felt like we wasted a ton of time in between sets. To top it off, we finished with a seated pec fly routine on a machine, only as it was the first time cycling this exercise into the program, we didn't know what weight to use and ended up going too light, and having a lame overall day.

I ate well yesterday though. Southwest salad, pineapple chunks, a Subway club, a packet of apples, and loads of water with one Diet Coke for good measure.

I hate having a bad workout. I guess you need them so you can tell when you've had a good workout, but bleh.

Today's workout was much better. Great, great elliptical - I was really sweating today. Then we did arms and got a great pump. The preacher curls we slowed down a bit on, but that was the last of four exercises and I'm okay with it.


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Jason said...

Hey Rodedaddy, I can't remember if I've commented on your blog yet, but I thought I'd stop by and say hi, thanks for posting on my blog by the way, the more support the better I do.

I sort of blogged about this today also. I don't really enjoy when I get shitty workouts in, however, a shitty workout is better than no workout. So at least you were there, and you realized that you can go harder and the next time you will (as you did).

Keep up the good work in the food department, that is super important. I mean, you can lose weight from exercising and look skinny but won't be healthy on the inside if you don't keep the food clean most of the time.

I know you didn't say it like this, but this is just something that helped my with food (It doesn't appear that you are having to hard of a time, but hearing what others thinks helps me), and that is I don't view what I am doing as a diet...this is how I plan to eat the rest of my life, so it has become the norm. If I viewed it as a diet I might of given up after 2-3 months.

Keep up the great work man!

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