Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Got out of the shower today and caught a glimpse of myself - I'm still all big and gross and whatnot, but -BUT- I noticed something. My forearms.

Back when I started my workouts, I turned to my workout partner on arm day. "Forearm curls?" I'd asked him. "Nah," he said. "Forearms take care of themselves." I gave him a derisive snort and went about working the biceps and triceps. Well, it's now been 2.5 months since starting this and guess what - he was right. Somewhere in the preacher curls, reverse curls, tricep pushdowns, bench press, and anything else that uses a strong grip I've worked my forearms. And looking at them in the mirror, I could see... lines. Lines of muscle, twisting up my arms. They disappeared as they got close to the elbow of course - the fat starts really taking over at that point. And only the smallest hint of a tricep/shoulder bulge show at the moment. Those muscles are just buried under pounds and pounds of fat. But where the fat runs thin, where the muscle is close to the skin on my forearms... it's there. The promise of a better, fitter, stronger me.

It will be months and months of work until I see the muscle lines I want - shoulders, pecs, bis, quads, calves. But they're in there, and they're waiting for me. Waiting for me to purge the fat. Waiting to be seen.

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