Thursday, September 11, 2008

That just happened.

Today I weighed in at 315 on the button. That's officially 20 pounds that I'm now done with for good. Effing sweet.

If you want to lose weight and you're looking for a magic pill or diet that will get it done for you - quit searching. It doesn't exist. The only thing that works is you. Find your internal strength. Then find some dumbbells - nothing helps to lose weight more than lifting weight, except to watch what you eat. Put those two things together, you're going to have success. Portion control, controlled caloric intake, low sodium, low in big sugars.

At least that's what I've found so far.

My arms are burning after today's big arms day. And I kicked it up to lvl 6 on the elliptical today too - I caught up to Dan, my workout partner. I've got a good 100 pounds on him, but we both did lvl 6 and went 1.7 miles (my mile is down to 11:30 now), but my heartrate was in the 170s (with a brief jump to 180 as I pushed to get my mile under 12 minutes) and I burned more calories according to the machine. Yay fatties! So that just happened. I'm noticing a change in my stomach - it doesn't push out as far. I tried on a 2xl shirt yesterday, just because. And... no. Not yet. Looks like that metric will have to wait for another day.

Oh, I haven't mentioned this here, but I've got an Omron Body Fat Analyzer that I picked up a couple years ago. When I turned it on, it still had my old data saved - 29 years old, 311 pounds. Hey, now I'm only four pounds away from that! lol. Anyway, back on Aug 26 my measurements were 39.2% body fat and a bmi of 47.4. Yesterday my numbers were 36.8% body fat and a bmi of 45.4. So good news there!

I also saw a doctor earlier this week. My blood pressure is quite high apparently. He wants me to get tested a couple times a week, then see him again in a month to assess if I need to go on medication. He also wants to check for diabetes. So yeah. I may have done some terrible damage to myself. If you haven't been to a doc in a while, I'd recommend popping in for a physical. It's somewhat scary to hear that you're out of whack, but c'mon - two months ago I was somewhere around 335 pounds. Obviously I'm out of whack! So hopefully if I do have to go onto meds, I can get myself off them through exercise and diet. I'll know more next month I guess.

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MIA said...

I have had the bp issue too since last summer and on some meds, excercise and weight loss will help. But asked your doc about Exforge it knocked mine done fast and my doc is on it too, if he decides meds are needed at this time.

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