Thursday, September 18, 2008


Sometimes I just don't have much to post. Such is the case today. Nothing terrible food-wise yesterday (a protein shake for breakfast, some sushi and fruit for lunch, a Subway club with no mayo or oil or salt on wheat bread for dinner), and a good night's rest last night, followed by another good arm day today. And I'm down another pound to 312.5. I did wake up again last night (every night for 3 or more weeks now), but I believe that it's work stress induced and nothing more than that. And my current work drama won't be resolved for awhile now, so I guess I'll just get used to waking up at 2am every night. Sweet.

So why post when I have little to say? Well, I've noticed a trend among fellow 'get fit' bloggers. They do well, then stop posting, and when they're not posting they tend to not be exercising either, and usually come back on several weeks/months later offering a mea culpa to nobody in particular, swearing that they're going to be back. I know, I've done it years ago myself. A couple times. So I journal my ongoings as I draw closer to my goal, in an attempt to keep myself focused on what I want and what I need, and to not be drawn off course.

Remember, just because you're not necessarily having success doesn't mean you can't post. Sometimes posting about your failures can be just as, if not more, inspiring. Provided that you keep going forward, it's just a nice sign to let others know that losing a battle here and there is okay provided you're still winning the war.


Vampire said...

You are absolutly correct this is a war. I think you are doing great. Your site has become a daily check for me.

Will @ 4XLT said...

I think you're onto something here. I think part of the way blogging can help the weight loss efforts is that it requires disciple and a time to regularly think about your progress and how you're doing.

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