Monday, September 29, 2008

A new week

Weekends and week starts are apparently weakends and weak starts for me. I put on 3 pounds over the weekend. Again, not real weight - the last two weekends have taught me that - and it'll be gone by tomorrow/Wednesday, but if I just didn't do that, if I just ate clean over the weekend, I'd be hitting new lows rather than treading back across familiar ground. Ah yes, I guess I've identified my issues.

At least when confronted with the probability of ordering Chinese food for the second time in as many days yesterday, I just skipped it and went to a movie instead. Drank water. Went home. Talked to a friend, shared some laughs, went to bed.

Could be worse.



Dale said...

It is hard to avoid temptation. You had a win this weekend and so did I. I also think it may be important to not take days off. I know I like to not do anything Friday Saturday and Sunday. Thats to many days. I need to atleast get out and walk on those days. Maybe you would notice a differance if you went walking on Saturday and Sunday. Hell if you wanna go walking with me and the Dogs give me a shoutout.

Anonymous said...

I often have the same thing happen to me, and I have to tell myself that even though it's just two or three pounds, it's two or three pounds I've already lost and have to repeat.

So, by the time I'm back down to my "original" weight, I could have been six pounds further down the road, which sucks.

Roder said...

Too true, too true. Hopefully it's all gone plus some by tomorrow. I'll feel less bad.

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