Monday, September 22, 2008

So I'm kind of an idiot from time to time.

Good God. Yesterday I start off so frickin' sweet. I'd reached my latest goal, I'd been open and totally honest with friends, and I was feeling so good. So what did I do? I gave myself a 'cheat' day. All the programs say it's okay. They all say to do it from time to time. Don't go overboard, but indulge a bit.

So I did.

For lunch I met up with some buddies of mine and went to get Chinese food. The place I go makes their portions so frigging huge! There's plenty for two in just one of the servings. But what did I do? Housed the whole thing, bonus eggroll and all the fried rice too. I'd swapped Mountain Dew for Diet Coke, though I'm not convinced that Diet pop actually curtails pounds. There's still something fishy there. But whatever. Then I had a cheese danish! And a 20oz Mountain Dew! Then a second Dew! Then a Kit-Kat! OMG!!! For dinner I reeled it back with a 350 calorie 6" sub on wheat with no mayo or oil or salt, along with a packet of sliced apples and a Coke Zero, then had 1.5 liters of water, but my lunchtime/snacktime damage had been done. This morning I'm 313.4 pounds. I know based on last week's "cheat day" that it'll drop off fast, but still. I'm an idiot. I need to remember, enjoy, don't indulge. And, if I find that I cannot just enjoy, then don't bother. Because I feel guilty eating it, then feel shitty for having eaten it, then feel like an idiot for the negative change on the scale.

Cheat days are overrated. And I'm kind of an idiot from time to time.


Vampire said...

You owned up to it. Thats important. Being able to be honest is also very important. The thing is you know you can do it and you will.

susie said...

I think it should be a cheat meal not a cheat day.
But the great thing is that you went right back to eating healthy for dinner! Some people cheat and then get disappointed with themselves and then finally just say forget it and keep cheating. Billy wrote a post about this a while back but it's about you handle your slip-ups that's important.

keep up the good work! don't get too down on yourself!

susie said...

oh yeah and welcome to FAT! I've added you to my bloglist!

Anonymous said...

I cannot recall how many times I've done this exact thing. I think I'm doing well, I even blog about it, and then I go any blow it.

Well, all you can do is learn what made you stumble, be smart about it next time, and keep moving forward.

Don't consider the weekend a waste - if you learn something from this, it's been valuable.

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