Monday, November 03, 2008

Holy crap!

So my biggest problem area has been the weekends (and lately those damn candybar in a cup coffees - ahem). Upticks of five, ten, even twelve pounds (!) have been documented via my scale, if not on this blog. And that, coupled with my overall weight-loss slowdown recently, had me worried going into this past weekend.

Saturday I woke up around 8:30. I dilly-dallied as I'm often want to do, then began my day in earnest, showering and meeting up with some friends for lunch. I ended up going with the Chinese (seriously, Chinese food? The best. My total weakness.), though I dialed it back to just the 'lunch size' version, rather than the obnoxious size that they normally sell me. And at some point while eating, I got full. There was still several large pieces of chicken on the plate, but I was just done. I tossed 'em. Then I drank about 4 waters throughout the afternoon, before deciding to pack it in and head home. For dinner I did a Subway Club and water. I cleaned a bit, did some laundry and had a mostly quiet evening.

Sunday morning I stepped on the scale - 297.8! What the hell? That's *never* where I am on a Sunday morning! I had a quick muffin/coffee breakfast, then one of my friends came to visit. We did various activities, had a small lunch (I had eggrolls - I can't stop with the Chinese!), then for dinner I indulged in a burger, though thankfully the fries were cold and gross by the time we'd gotten home to eat. Not my best day, though portion control was in full effect.

Today? 295.5. Half-a-pound from 40, and only three days past the mini-goal I'd set for myself. Time to think about being in the 280s.


Carrie said...

Crazy scale. :D

Don't let it get to you, though- you're right, it's time to think about the 280's! You're doing good!

susie said...

well it's great that you tossed out the extra food on your plate once you were full! if you get your coffee at starbucks you can get it with fat-free milk and sugar-free syrup. Also they have a "short" size that's not on the menu. It's smaller than the "tall" size but still has a full shot of espresso.

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