Thursday, November 20, 2008

Still on track

I'm adjusting to the new schedule slowly but surely, and I'm still doing pretty well. Today I'm down another half-a-pound, so yay. I imagine that tomorrow I should be dipping my toe into the 280s and gearing up to leave the 290s behind.

My office is cold. My nose is cold. I'm shivering. Maybe I need to keep this layer of fat? lol.



Roni said...

You joke but, dude, since I lost the weight I'm ALWAYS COLD! LOL

Geoff said...

No joke. When I was heavier I was never cold. Now? I've got the heater in my room going full blast just to allow myself to sleep. And I live in southern California. It makes a big difference, but it's worth it.

Pamela said...

Seriously! Just wait! Roni and Geoff are right. I actually slept with an electric blanket during the summer!!

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