Friday, November 28, 2008

The day after

So it turns out my Thanksgiving was surprisingly fun. I'd been dreading it as this marks the first time I'd be without family on the holiday, but it turns out that hanging out with a friend and avoiding the stress and hassle of air travel is pretty okay. Though I'd still rather see my parents next year than do this again.

On Wednesday night I went out for pizza and beer, then yesterday for Thanksgiving I had a bucket of KFC. lol! I also didn't work out yesterday, nor today. I'm not skipping - it's a planned absence. Though truthfully I'm missing the gym right now. Guess it's just part of my routine and things seem 'off' without it. And that's a *really* good sign.

I'm also up 1.6 pounds this morning, at 290.0. A bit is real, a bit is sodium-induced water weight gain. I'm a tad concerned, if only because of my typical weekend weight gain. I can't be setting myself back like that this time.

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Katschi said...

Hi Roder!
I had no idea you were a guy :)
A bucket of KFC is SUCH a guy thing ;)
Your comments on my blog were very touching, Roder. I had no idea guys had these feelings too.
We'll make it, just you watch

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