Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The driver's license

About 18 months ago I got carjacked and mugged. The next day I was doing what I could to quickly get my life back in order; turns out when you lose your phone, all your credit cards and your driver's license, you're kind of hosed.

I went to the DMV and stood in line for awhile, waiting for my turn to get my license. When I filled out the paperwork, I got to the weight question. Ugh. I decided to put down 280, even though I knew I was well over three bills. I don't know why I lied. Well, that's not true. Embarassement. Shame. Ect.

So as of this morning I'm 288.4, which puts me at 3.4 pounds from 50 lost, and 8.4 pounds from an accurate driver's license.

Did you lie on your driver's license? Am I the only one who's done that?

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