Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Interesting feel to the workout this morning. Doing 15 reps on the benchpress and the incline press is tough. I specifically was on the second set of the incline presses, thinking, "oh, this is easy!" for the first 5 reps (I count in sets of 5 in my head - just makes it easier for me I guess); the second 5 reps was a mixed bag, and by the third set of them my pecs were ready to give out. My body is sore right now.

I love it.

Today I only shook off only 0.3 pounds. It's okay - yesterday I dropped 1.4, so I guess it's just the readjustment of the body. Though I ate better yesterday than I did Monday. This stuff is just goofy sometimes. That's why the day-to-day can suck, but weekly trends is possibly a better route. Though I'm not taking that route. I enjoy my scale too much!



Katschi (Karen) said...

Hurts so good!
I love that feeling too.
Damn, you were right! You did break through that plateau!
The scale she calls my name daily.
I am her bitch.

Kimberly said...

The scale calls my name daily too.

But I am learning to ignore her daily tormenting and focus on the big picture.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Haha, Katschi said it right, "Hurts so good!" :D

Glad to hear it was a good one :D

Stages of Change said...

Amen "hurts so good". I was just talking to someone last night about getting into a weight routine. I have always so much pleasure from pushing myself that way.

Anyway, be well!

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