Thursday, January 29, 2009

Up and Down and Up

You know how on The Biggest Loser, when the person climbs onto the scale for the weigh-in, the numbers tumble up and down while some suspense music swells? I used to sit there and hope for the best for these people. Now I realize that I hope we're not going to get gasping reaction shots from Jillian or Bob or the other contestants as NBC breaks to commercial. But that's not the point, the point is the jumble.

My scale gives me the jumble too. As I step up, the numbers roll up and down, teasing me with numbers higher and lower than the day prior. This morning she teased me. Bad. 268.4... 276.3... back and forth, up and down... Finally she settled on 272.0. Hmm.

Two days ago I had my best weigh-in yet. Unfortunately when I got to work, I was invited to lunch by a co-worker. That's not really the unfortunate part as I do enjoy the social aspects of work. What was unfortunate was that we went to my favorite Chinese food place for lunch. I didn't get the soda, but I did get the fried lemon chicken with the fried rice. Naughty!!! And yesterday I was at 272.5, up 0.7 pounds from the day prior. So this morning I've shed half a pound and I'm feeling better. However, it's so discouraging in that I'd had big hopes of being in the 260s by tomorrow and it looks to be out of reach now. I'm no longer losing 2+ pounds a day. I'm lucky to lose half a pound. So... hmm. Perhaps I'll weigh in on Saturday morning? Friday workout is legs and I always burn a huge amount of calories as a result, but I don't get a good weigh-in on Saturday because I've usually gone out Friday night and started my weekend slide.

Gotta work on that. And I need to do a better job of eating healthier when I'm invited out for work lunches. I don't know that LeeAnn Chin has any good options (the healthiest thing looked to be the Beef and Broccoli, and even that was smothered in gravy and soy), but I can at least order the smaller bowl instead of the larger plate.

So I'm paying for my mistake this week. Damn.


Rebecca said...

My husband and I decided that the "scale" on the biggest loser isn't even a scale. Obviously the producers do a blind weigh in before the taping so that they know the order in which to weigh everyone during the taping.

So we reckon that it is just a screen from a computer and the actual weigh in happens before. It is obvious the contestants reactions are real but I definitely think that the scale is not really a scale and the screen is just reflecting what happened off camera.

Then again, I could be wrong.

I think I would go crazy if my scale did the tease!

Lady with a View said...

Probably the weight gain is all water...that culprit MSG...the sodium. Chinese food is the worse for me in that respect.

Biggest loser makes me crazy too because they replay the last minute or so EVERYTIME after commercial break. It's almost enough to keep me from watching...almost...

Ripx180 said...

Rebecca is right on the scale on the biggest loser. Its a fake and they are weighed before that filming takes place. Allot of times they just fuse in non appropriate look on Bob or Jillian's face before the commercial break to add drama. Dont get me wrong I love that show and it provides allot of motivation for me.

I have so struggled with the weekend slide on my entire journey. I don't think there are many good choices at a Chinese food restaurant (at least not in the states). I guess there are always things for all of us to work on. Keep pushing hard and try to minimize the weekend slide this weekend (superbowl.... gonna be hard).

Stages of Change said...

Ah, that damn scale, I weigh on one now that does a little vacilating BL style thing before settling (though yea, not as much as the fake one on the show), so that CAN be frustrating.

And Lady witha view might have a good point regarding the sodium. Depending on a variety of variables, a super high sodium meal, like chinese food, can definetly affect the number on the scale.

Anyway, keep on keeping on, and defintely good luck this weekend come Super Bowl time. And thanks for your support man. ONe day at a time.

Be well.

Zooy said...

My boss told me one day when I complaining that I was dumb and ate chinese food that since there is so much sodium in chinese food you're gonna gain no matter what. But the difference is, its going to come off with water.

Roder said...

And I think it is the sodium that's the issue. The thing is, yesterday I drank so much water that by the afternoon I was up and to the bathroom every 40 minutes! So I'd kind of hoped that I had flushed it out of my system yesterday.

Chinese food is, without a doubt, my biggest temptation/weakness/failurepoint.

Dina said...

I was just going to enter my "sodium" vote too :)

Natalie said...

oh, i'll agree with every one else, yummy yummy chinses food is filled with sodium, just give it a day or two and you will be back down !

A Diva On a Diet said...

I have started weighing myself everyday and i know i shoudnt do that..atleast im not alone. it keeps me on track and focused and i like to weigh myself everymorning. LOL you had fried rice and fried chicken, sounds good..atleast you dont indulge everyday its ok to taste a little here and there. I would like to have your scale, it sounds fun!

Donnalouise, Donna or DC said...

Eating out is always an issue - some places I can do great but others, it's tough! I went out for lunch with a colleague today as he is deploying for a few months. Well I get weighed tonight and although I know I'll be up a little, now I'll probably be up a lot. Oh boys! But hey, at least we don't weigh what we did when we started this journey!

Ashleigh said...

I absolutely loooove chinese food. I've attempted to make a few 'light' versions of my faves but it's just not the same.
Good call with the water consumption, I'm sure it will help.

MizFit said...

random lee ann chin idea.
you can always asked for steamed veggies and chicken or shrimp.
not sure youd wanna (would you like it? be embarrassed? I love it and have totally given up giving :))

it isnt on the menu but they will do it!

Linda said...

Listen to Miz. Orrrrr, try something different and DON'T go out Friday night. Would that be really hard? Treat yourself as a science experiment and see what happens.

I totally gave up Chinese food. OMG! It's been a month already, and I have no desire to go for some. I need pounds lost more than I need Chinese right now. (I'm pouting on the inside, but I'm confident on the outside!)

Thanks for checking out my blog.

Twice the Man said...

you will get a good reading Saturday because starting this weekend you will stop sliding on weekends

it will real balls to do this super bowl weekend, but your the man to do it Roder

Jess said...

Woohoo! Congrats on splurging, it's a good thing to do every once in a while.

If you have a Panda Express near where you live, their Spring Rolls aren't too terrible, points-wise.

And ditto on the sodium, ditto on the BL scale :)

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