Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Morning Quickie

Well, I'm on Day 2 of the new program. Heartrate is constantly elevated, and sweat is pouring off my forehead. And I'm out of the gym quicker! I'm going to do this new program for a couple weeks, then reevaluate, but so far I'm digging it. :)



Katschi (Karen) said...

Glad to hear it's kicking ass!

Twice the Man said...

Great that the new program is working well for you. Hey your under 275, sweet!

Zooy said...

Glad to hear you're enjoying your new program.
Hope it goes well for you.

Tamzin said...

"new program"! a little impersonal for a morning quickie I should think! *wink wink*


Hanlie said...

It's amazing what a change in workout can do! Great job!

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