Friday, December 12, 2008

Weird Week

My apologies for the alliteration, but what a weird week, weight-wise. This morning I'm back at 284.7, which is where I was on Tuesday, before the bizarre uptick in my weight mid-week. The thing is, yesterday I wasn't on my most best behavior. I mean, I did my water, my lean chicken and salad and apple for lunch, but then had a 12" meatball sub and then a Mountain Dew and a candybar in the evening. Whaa? And yet I went down in weight! But the day prior when I was dang near perfect, I'd held steady. I don't know if it takes two days to register good behavior on the scale, but when I blow up, eat Chinese and lose my mind, the scale registers the bad behavior immediately!

Always observing, always learning.

Yesterday I skipped my froofy coffee. I skipped it this morning too. I think I'd like to be done with them. So I guess I will be. For awhile anyway. I don't need 6-7 of those guys a week. Too much espresso!

Oh, almost forgot - I woke up last night, for the second time this week, with a terrible cramping in my right calf. I've been stretching, I've been drinking water... I've had calf cramping issues for years now. Typically I am woken up once every three months or so with them. Terrible. I awake, crying out in pain. I try to pull the leg up close to me and massage the calf a bit, but moving it is so difficult. Once about 60 second have passed I can begin to slowly stretch it again, but man does it hurt!

I was concerned as Friday is leg day at the gym. I still did my squats, but typically I then alternate between leg extensions or leg curls, and then do step-ups for the third exercise. Today I tossed out the step-ups and did both leg extensions and curls, and avoided putting the calf under duress. I'm still feeling my calf as I sit this morning.Ugg.



Ripx180 said...

The meatball sub is proably the worst one you can order. Used to be my favorite until I saw the stats on that thing. I never know why my body does the things
It does. I had a bad dinner last night too so no calling the kettle black here (applebees). Try eating a bananna 3-4 times a week. It helped me with cramping. Getting lighter will help too. Just keep on keeping on. Also thanks for continueing to blog. I look forward to my morning reads.

Tena said...

Sorry you're having the leg cramps! I get those often and I have to jump out of bed and stand on my toes till I can get my heel on the floor! Hurts like heck. As Ripx180 suggested, bananas might help.

I also want to thank you for always being so honest. We are all struggling in this together!

I find when I eat high sodium foods like chinese, I always put on 1 or 2 lbs. Just know that it will come off in a day or so if you avoid extra salt. I'm learning all this, too.

Tamzin said...

Calf cramps not due to exhertion are commonly associated with insufficient mineral intake, mostly calcium, potassium, and magnesium. When I would start getting night cramps I would eat a banana a day (I do most days now anyway cause I love them), but I did find that helped out a lot!

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