Thursday, December 04, 2008

I have jowls.

Two quick facts: I have jowls. They're not sweet. And don't tell me that the second of these two facts is actually an opinion - because jowls *aren't* sweet. I asked everybody. They all agree.

I used to wear a little chin-beard-goatee-thing. I grew it in college, originally to signify that I was cool. I think. I'm pretty sure goatees were cool back in '96, and certainly the fact that I could grow facial hair was in itself cool. When I started getting bigger, I realized that I kind of needed the chin beard. Not because it was sweet - it's level of sweetsauce was debatable at that point - no, because in photos, the goatee helped to disguise the second chin I'd developed. It's something I didn't think about in a 3d world, but when rendered in only two dimensions, flaws like the extra chin became very apparent! So by wearing the goatee, I kept my chin/neck hidden in photos, and you couldn't see that obvious sign of obesity as much. Every little thing, right fellow fatties? lol.

Anyway, with the new job I've decided to keep it clean. I now shave everyday, and I shave the whole face. And I've noticed that I have jowls. Puffiness along my jawline. It's very noticable because the puffiness tightens up right as the skin gets to my chin - running my thumb along the jawline confirms the swollen jowls. I guess I didn't notice it because my goatee grew over the part where the puffiness tightens up.

I can't *wait* to get these things out of my life. Assuming that they will go away, and not just become loose skin on my face or something.

Good god I did some damage to me over these last few years.

Please, if you read this blog - take care of yourself. You don't want to end up regretting your apathy in a few years' time. Now all I want is to fix me, only I'm aware that there are some things that may *never* be back to proper. I'm not yet at acceptance over these things, so I'm going to keep working hard in the hopes that I can fix it, but if you haven't yet come to the point where you have jowls, or stretch marks from becoming fat very quickly, or skin tags or anything else... don't. Just take care of yourself. Trust me on this one. Please. :)



Ripx180 said...

I hear you man... I have worn a goatee for many years also because I didn't like the looks of my fat face. Seems like the goatee lengthens your face out a little. I wonder if my stomach or chest can ever have that tight taunt look. I may have done some irreversible damage too. At 243 I felt like swollen piece of road kill in the 100 degree heat (about ready to pop). I am with you on telling people to not let themselves go!! Keep it real man.

Dale said...

Yeah as I go on this journey myself I am starting to worry about how much extra skin I have. I would think that facial features would be the easiest to change. You will probably lose the jowls when you lose the weight.

Roder said...

You know what though Dale? I was really concerned about loose skin too - and after around 30 pounds down, I noticed some. I had it at the bottom of my gut, as well as on my inner thighs. However, as my weight loss has slowed down (I think I lost 6 pounds one week, now I'm lucky to lose 3 pounds), my skin seems to be catching up. There's still a bit of jiggle, but not as much, and to think that I've lost an additional 20 pounds - I would have expected the skin to look worse. So don't let that deter you - loose skin is more attractive than lots of fat! I think. Ladies?

Oh, and I will say that if I get to the end of my weight loss and my skin has me looking like a sharpei dog? I'm getting surgery to have it zippered off. A little vanity isn't the worst thing in the world...

Pamela said...

Amen! I agree with you 100% and hope that people will listen.

I hate the extra skin that I do have, but you know what? I wouldn't take the extra weight back to get rid of it for anything!

Katschi said...

I'm 48...I've done alot of irreparable damage to my body so I hear what you're saying. I could just about cry but that wouldn't help.
I'm going to try my best to hit the weights to firm up & hopefully reduce the appearance of loose skin. I'm with you though, if there's too much, it's getting cut off :)
You're still young...your jowls will disappear soon enough.
BTW, how tall are you? And what kind of build do you have? Your weight loss goal is 150? That's my goal!

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