Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Daily Vigilance

One of the things that goes with writing this blog daily is being accountable. To myself. Sometimes when I have an off day scale-wise, I'm tempted to not post. Such is my situation today. However! It is days like today that I realize I need to post the most. I need to be honest with myself (and honest with all six of you who read this - thanks!).

The thing is, it's not really bad. I'm only up three-tenths of a pound today. It's nothing. For all I know, it's a full bladder or a stool on the way.

But I know it's not.

Yesterday I had a Mountain Dew on my way to work. 210. Then for lunch I skipped the salad and got a sandwich. Only 100 calories more than the salad, but fewer vegetables. 620. And then I got an apple for 80, and *then*... I was feeling like a little something sweet, as if the apple isn't sweet enough. I poked my head into the bakery and found a pastery with some blueberry danish thing. I'm guessing in the neighborhood of 400. Then a small fruity coffee for 450. That's 1760 and I'm not even home yet! For dinner I did a 12" Club from Subway (640, though with cheese and mayo I'm thinking somewhere around 900-1000). Then I got two waters, and a bag of Doritos - 280.

So... 2940 calories yesterday. I believe that my basal metabolic rate is about 2500. So I created a caloric deficit of... plus 440. Lol! I did my workout, which should be around 400 calories burned, but still... I waaaay overindulged.

Today I've had a Mountain Dew (210), an apple (80) some terrible sushi (300) and a coffee (450). That's 1040 so far today. I've also had 24 ounces of water. Tonight I'll have a sandwich and water. I should be right around 2k for the day, and with the 400 calories burned this morning I should be in a good place tomorrow.

Daily vigilance people! I hate that I'm a scale slut, but at the same time when I see an uptick it serves as a nice early-warning sign that I'm not paying as much attention as I need to be. And in retracing yesterday's steps, I see where I bonked. I'm not beating myself up over it, but I'm aware of what's going on so now I'm able to course-correct before things get too terribly out of whack.



Twice the Man said...

Some argue you should weigh just weekly, others say get on them daily --- I have bounced back and forth on it. I have my offical weigh-in every Wednesday morning, but I also jump on the scales whenever I want. I don't freak out over a .3 pounds difference in a day or even a 3 pound one (ok I would freak a little), because I have been on the scales enough to know they can be fickle, but if your working hard and smart they tend to go down much more then up. So don't feel bad about being a scale slut, just don't take ever scale reading too serious.

By the way I am down to 313 this morning my lowest weight since 2002. I am going to keep say its my lowest weight since 2002, until February 2009 when I get under 290 - then I will start saying my lowest weight since 2001. Don't let me pass you up this spring, keep at it Andrew!

Donnalouise, Donna or DC said...

Hey! For some reason I forgot to add you blog to my I haven't pop by yet to read up on things. Congrats on being 50lbs down!!!! WONDERFUL!

Ripx180 said...

Dude ditch the Dew.... stuff is hella bad for you. Soda is the devil. ;) ok enough of me being a dork.

You did the math and it shows why you are up a few tenths. correct that today and you will be back down. We all struggle some days.

Keep posting and I will keep reading. I need to start blogging more also.

Katschi said...

You had me at scale-slut :) & course correct sent me over the moon....swoon.

I totally agree that the times I don't feel like posting are exactly the days I need to blog. Because I'm shameful & feeling sneaky & not wanting to admit I'm not perfect.
I admire your honesty & frankness & yes, your way with words.
I have a crush :)

Tamzin said...

I totally had that same kind of moment with a bad day binge on Monday. But I decided that the bad days are likely more importatnt for me to blog about (especially since I'm at the start of my weight loss) then the good days.

I haven't tracked my calories the last 2 days... thank you for the reminder that I need to get that back on track again too.


Amy on Track said...

Capt obvious here...but have you given Diet Mt Dew a try?? Diet pop really doesn't taste that bad. And if you really have to have pop might as well drink diet and save a few calories.

MizFit said...

Im outing myself as a total diet mt dew addict.

im not proud. but it's one way to go.


Roder said...

Well, the truth of the matter is, I don't normally drink loaded soda. This stuff is leftover from Thanksgiving. Thankfully I've finished off the 12 pack now, so the soda should be much less of an issue. I'm back to just having Diet Coke and bottles of water in the fridge. :)

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