Monday, December 08, 2008


Saturday I had a visit to a Chinese medical specialist, which is apparently code for someone who believes in the power of positive energy, needles and herbs. :) Anyway, he and I talked for a bit, then I went into one of the treatment rooms where he proceeded to put about 12 needles in various parts of my body. Then he turned a warming lamp onto my stomach to "get the energy flowing", and let me experience a "journey of contemplation" for the next 30 minutes, while relaxing music played in the background.

I'm a guy. I like to eat meat and drink beer and watch sports. But man did I enjoy my time! I let my mind wander, intent to focus on nothing at all. Mentally I hopped from one idea to another to another, while feeling my body seemingly sink into the table as I lay there. Thirty minutes came too soon, and I was up and out quickly.

Afterward the doc (and old friend) and I went to get some Thai food, and had wonderful, grown-up conversations about the minutia of life. We were having so good a time that after lunch we kept going for awhile longer. Once we finally said our goodbyes, I headed over to the hobby store where I used to spend lots of time. I very quickly got sad there, because it seems to represent an old version of me that I'm trying to shed. I like all the guys there, and I like the hobby too, but I just can't sit there and make fun of people and eat terrible food for hours on end like I once could. So I split. Good god - I used to spend upwards of 20 hours a week there, and now it's work just to score 2 hours. I don't know... I'm just enjoying going to other places, meeting other people, trying new things. Rediscovering life. Who I was before I let it go. Who I want to be again.

It was a good weekend. :)


HollyALP said...

That sounds amazing! I want to go to accupuncture! I can relate to saying good-bye to parts of your life that were once what kept you together. I have a whole lot of mixed feelings about those things now, too, when I revisit them. It sounds like you've made some great choices.

Katschi said...

Loving yourself, eh? :)
It's a great feeling getting in touch with the YOU inside, isn't it?
I'm finding that shedding the fat is also making me realize that I have to get rid of some people, habits & hobbies, too.

Tena said...

"Rediscovering life." I like that. I am rediscovering myself as well. I waste a lot of time watching meaningless tv and am trying to get out of the habit. Good for you that you are making changes, and liking them!

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