Monday, December 01, 2008

I missed the gym!

A couple discoveries this morning. One, after missing four straight days in the weight room, I felt as though I'd been hit by a truck trying to get through the shoulder presses this morning, and those were just the first of three weight lifting exercises!

I really missed my workouts and I felt it, that's for certain. So my first pledge for December will be that come Christmas, I'll be sure to hit the gym. I'll be in Austin, TX, where my folks live, but my mom's got a membership to some fitness center there, so even if I just end up walking or doing the stationary bike or whatever, I'll still be at the gym. It's just too important to miss, both for my physical progress, and my mental health. So that's that.

In good news, I was up absolutely no weight over these past four days. I'd been lamenting that last week when I got to 288.4 that I saw a great week in sight, and that I'd be torpedoing it over Thanksgiving. However, when the day came I had only exactly the food that I set out to have. I had no second helpings of anything, and when my friend left, I sent *all* the leftovers home with him. No reason to risk any temptation there.

So that means that I'm poised to have a great week on the scale this week. I'm hoping to get 13.4 pounds off, which would put me at 275 for the new year. That would be sweet! Christmas and having no control over what I'm eating will make things a bit more difficult, but I've got to do what I've got to do.



Ripx180 said...

You rock!! Wish I would have stayed as strong over the holiday. I am with you all the way on making the end of 2008 count. Stay true to yourself!!

Merry Mary said...

Yay for no weight gain over the holiday!

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