Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

So one thing about me - I'm slow to get into the "holiday spirit", whatever that may be. I tend to enjoy complaining about how every year Christmas seems to come earlier (I saw Xmas decorations in some stores before Halloween!), but when I finally give in, I'm totally down like a browntown clown.

I'm officially now down for Christmas.

I leave for the airport tomorrow directly after work, and get to Mom and Dad's late on Christmas Eve. They called last night and wanted to know if I wanted to help trim the tree - nope! I want to walk into the house and see that thing all aglow with the multi-colored lights my dad insists on using (I'm an all-white light man myself). I want to see all the ornaments that my mom has stitched (she's a fan of needlepoint and every years stitches a new ornament for the tree - it's her goal to have every ornament on her tree handmade by herself one year). I want to wrap presents. I'm ready to listen to Christmas music. I'm excited!



Katschi said...

It's snowing here right now..again..& so looks very Christmassy. I'm still not feeling it myself, though.
Have a wonderful trip home & enjoy the coloured lights & prezzies & most importantly, the food. Kidding.
Merry Christmas, Roder!

Manuela said...

Hope you have a safe flight (I've been watching CNN and some people aren't so lucky!)

Merry Christmas and enjoy the family visit.

Stages of Change said...

Just wanted to say I just started reading your blog recently and I'm digging it.

Congratulations on the WL success so far, its an inspiration for my situation (sadly I'm starting out almost double what you did) because as you said a few posts ago, it truly is about focusing on the immediate future. Small increments are manageable and they add up to the huge numbers and differences that success is all about.

Looking forward to reading more, and good luck to us both. Have a good holiday!

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