Friday, August 01, 2008

End of the week

Well, the end of my second week is here. I guess I actually started on a Wednesday, so it's more like 2.5 weeks, but that's nonsense - we'll call that first chunk 'preseason'. Now that that business is out of the way, let's have a quick week in review.

Monday - 20 minutes, elliptical, lvl 2; weight lifting for shoulders
Tuesday - 20 minutes stationary bike, lvl 1; weight lifting for back
Wednesday - 20 minutes, elliptical, lvl 2; weight lifting for chest
Thursday - 20 minutes, elliptical, lvl 3; weight lifting for arms
Friday - 20 minutes, elliptical, lvl 2; weight lifting for legs

So the odd duck here is the lvl 3 of elliptical on Thursday, followed by lvl2 today. It's a bit of a mislabel, as Thursday I actually backed off 3 and went to 2 for the last 7 minutes or so of the exercise. But today, I really didn't struggle with the cardio at all. Oh sure, I worked up a bit of a sweat, but not nearly to the degree that I did when I started my preseason on lvl 1. Now that was brutal. So quick note, next week we do lvl 3 all week on the elliptical.

There was a small breakthrough on Thursday morning - when I got back home from the morning workout I showered off, then hopped on the scale. It thought about giving me the dreaded Err, but instead, came back with 333.1. Didn't know it could do that weight, and that's still incredibly fat, but holy shit, I registered! Tragically it didn't last, as this morning I Err'd again, but it's okay. I'm close, and by next Wednesday I shouldn't have any more Err issues. That's the plan, man.

Some other quick notes - I'm pretty sweet with my shoulders. I'm really sweet with my legs (years of jumping and kicking in tae kwon do helped here no doubt). I'm *terrible* with my arms, biceps especially. Which means I really need to focus on that, maybe get an extra set or exercise in there. Problem is, I have time for 3 different exercises per body part per day before I gotta split. However on arm day, I'm already kicking it up to 4 so I can do two for biceps and two for triceps. The time just isn't there for a 5th, which means that I must either split bicep/tricep into two days (maybe add Saturday to the workout schedule?) or sacrifice elsewhere. Perhaps on chest, since the tricep is the secondary muscle in so many exercises, I just toss it there, and don't do pec-deck type things, focusing on variations of the bench press (incline, standard, decline), then do one set of tricep pushdowns on top of that. Though chest is the slowest day, so I don't know about that. Hmm.

Well, more to think about. I'm also looking to do a better job of counting calories, especially early on. I need to dial her down to 2k daily, and I've been running up between 3 and 4k. That's like 2-3 pounds a week right there if I can just tame my portion size and fried food binges.

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