Monday, August 04, 2008

After work workout

Today I went to work out after my workday, meeting my workout buddy Dan at the gym at 6:30 (he doesn't have daycare for his kids for the next 3 days, so we're going once his wife gets home). Two things about working out later on - one, after a long day of mental workouts, I'm physically beat. I was able to do lvl3 on the elliptical for the full 20 minutes, but I was back to huffing and puffing and sweating - and that's fine with me. Afterward, we did shoulders and man, I'm still fried. The third set of the shoulder presses @ 140lbs saw me give up/out after 7 reps. It sucks because Dan got through all 10, and last week I did better at shoulders than he did. But he stayed home while I was getting beat up at work, so pffft. Also, I just found myself taking a bit longer get to doing my sets, maybe wasting some time. Something to work on.

Thing number two - there's a lot more activity at 7pm then there is at 7am. People doing cardio. People doing classes. People on my machines. People lifting weights. People swimming. People having conversations. And one dude who was looking like Mr. Universe (quick quote I overheard from him while I was failing to get rep 8 up on my shoulder press, "yeah, I'm 185 now, and I bench 425). Wha? That's some for real steel to be pushing around. Facinating, but not helping me with my workout.

I'll be glad when I'm back to am workouts.

Food diary -
Breakfast - Mountain Dew bottle - 210. Goddammn, I gotta fix this bullshit. Get the metabolism working early!
Lunch - strawberry salad and water for lunch, 410 calories. Nice!
Dinner - McChicken (360), Big Mac (560), medium fries (380), medium Diet Coke (1). = 1301
Late Snack - Montain Dew bottle - 210 (late edit in)

Total - 1921 (now 2141)

I'm actually quite happy with the end total today, but it's how I got there that's weaksauce. I need a good breakfast, and a less-bad dinner. I'm not looking for a starvation 1500 calorie deal, but I can't be eating Big Macs on the regular either.

I'm an ongoing project.

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