Friday, August 29, 2008

I didn't puke!

Today, as is every Friday, was leg day. After a quick bit on the elliptical, I hit the hack squat rack. Pounded that out, then followed it up with the leg curl machine. I felt by the third set that I'd really hit my max, as grinding out the 10th rep was strenuous. My workout partner pulled both his hamstrings earlier in the spring playing softball (old man!), so he took it easy here as he was a bit nervous. Fair enough. Next we did the some damnable doom machine. It's a step-up deal, and you grab a handle with either hand, which is connected via a pulley to some weights. Then you step up onto a small platform, then step down. Repeat, then switch which leg leads, and do it again. That's a set. Not too bad, but last time I did these, they crushed me. I was kinda going after it, and in my second set a wave of nausea came over me. I held it in, but dang... so I really wanted to revisit the exercise and make sure I was doing better. Turns out I'm fine. Yay. But I did really have to focus to not lose my equilibrium and trip up or stumble. I like the extra focus this machine makes me put into my efforts, and I was soaking wet as a result.

I'm 322.4 today, bringing me to a total of 6.2 pounds lost this week. Yay. I'm sure that number will diminish in the weeks and months ahead, but I'm absolutely thrilled with my progress this week. This is what I was hoping for.

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