Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Keep going

Another day, another morning exercise. It's becoming routine, and that's good. I only scored 5 hours of sleep last night, but I was ready to go today. Of course, I'm a bit wiped out right now, yawning as I type, but rest will come soon enough.

When I got to the gym, I hit the cardio area as usual. There was someone on the row of elliptical machines I typically hit, and being the introverted creature I am, I went the other way and jumped onto a stationary bike. This is the third time I've done the bike for my cardio, and it's bizarre - when I do the elliptical machine, I'm huffing and puffing fairly quickly, rocking both my arms and legs, and working up a fast sweat that soaks though 80% of my shirt. My heart rate is around 178 and I burn 150 calories in 20 minutes. On the bike? Once the level kicks up past warmup, my legs are burning immediately. I can feel them on the outsides, pumping and twitching and whatever else they're doing. The bike is significantly more difficult than the elliptical, and yet - I only soak though the collar area of my shirt. No huge puddle on my back or chest/belly. The sweat doesn't roll down my forehead until around minute 15/16 instead of minute 3/4. I can more easily carry on a conversation. But the thing is, it's so flipping hard! I wanted to quit by minute 17 today, my legs just feeling gassed out and burning. I burned 170 calories when I stepped off after minute 20. Yet I wasn't all gross.

I guess I'm not too sure where I'm going with this - I haven't drafted a hypothesis or anything, just a not-so-casual observance.

Hopefully nobody will be on the elliptical machines tomorrow morning. :)

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