Saturday, August 23, 2008

Back from my trip

No, I didn't quit.

So for the last week I've been out in Seattle on business. The big fear was that I was going to have a terrible setback to my program, and that I'd be losing out on both the week I was gone as well as progress I'd made up to this point.

Turns out that didn't happen.

Well okay, I lost out on the week, that's true, BUT - Seattle has sushi on like every streetcorner. That means that half or more of my meals were rice and fish! Yay! Also, every morning at the seminar they had breakfast stuff. Nothing big - bagels and juice - but I ate a regular breakfast all week. I felt great.

I decided that going forward, I'm going to be adding the improved food nutrition component to the diet. That, in conjunction with the cardio and weights, should have the pounds melting away very quickly.

I'm excited!

And I'm 328.8.

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