Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another day

This morning I weighed 1.1 pounds less. And as much as I do believe what I wrote in my last post about alternative metrics, I was so happy. 331.6. I need to drop 1.7 pounds to get into the 320s!

For breakfast I had a protein shake - 120 calories.
A banana - 120 calories

For lunch I had a strawberry-chicken-walnut salad - 400 calories
A fiber-rich yogurt - 80 calories

I haven't had dinner yet, though I grabbed a Mt. Dew at the pop machine in my building, for 220. That still leaves around 1000 calories for dinner if I want to be at 2k, but I don't. I need to get into a caloric deficit to encourage weight loss. I'm thinking around 17/1800 calories should do it.

I also rocked the elliptical for all 20 minutes at level 4 this morning, then had a good chest workout. My benchpress is at 165lbs for 10 reps in the 3rd set, though the 10th press was tough to manage. Didn't I once press well over 200? I think so, but I can't recall. High school sports is literally a lifetime away at this point.

But hey, 20 minutes on lvl 4 and 1.1 pounds - yay me!

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