Thursday, August 28, 2008

the hardest part

The hardest part of these little blog posts isn't writing it, because I can ramble just to hear myself speak with the best of them. No, it's coming up with a title. Technically I should probably write the post, edit it a bit to make it tight and have a consistent thought/theme, then title the thing based on that, but that seems like the professional way to do it and I like having a bit of a ragged edge to myself. So I guess I won't.

Guess what?

Down another pound today. 323.5 is where I'm at now. Daily scale slut.

On Monday I picked up what weight lifters/fitness professionals call 'supplements', but my Mom calls vitamins. Tempted though I was by some deliciously chewable Flintstones, I opted to pop into the local GNC when I was getting my lunch salad from the grocery store to see what else was available. I told the dude jockeying the register my elevator-pitch situation, and asked him for a recommendation. He pointed me to Mega Men Sport. I'm supposed to take two of these freaking horse pills every morning.

I did some reading online about them, and there were, as with any product, mixed reviews. Naturally I'd already bought them prior to reading about them, but such is my nature. Anyway, they seem to have outrageous amounts of these vitamins in them. 500% of my daily Vitamin C? Uh... okay. But a bit more research showed me that the RDA's recommendation 'serving size' of Vitamin C is how much one needs to... ready for this? Prevent scurvy. Scurvy? What the hell is scurvy? Sounds like some straight-up pirate shit, that. Turns out that scurvy is a disease marked by swollen and bleeding gums, livid spots on the skin, prostration, etc., due to a diet lacking in vitamin C. So one thought is that while 100% of the RDA will prevent scurvy, that's not how much C your body can actually take in and use. Don't know what that number is.

One super-sweet side effect of these vitamins is that when you get more Vitamin B than your body can use... your urine becomes a sweet neon yellow color. Like, the color of road construction crew bibs. Obnoxious. The pessimist in me has lead me to believe that I might be literally pissing away like $25 in vitamins, while the emerging optimist would argue that while I might not need as much hot vitamin action as I'm getting in these pills, I'm certainly getting more than I ever did before.

Either way, I got this scurvy prevention shit on lock-down. And now that I'm at the end I should really retitle this post to be about vitamins/supplements. But I'm not going to. I'm sweet!

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