Wednesday, August 27, 2008


There are a couple guys I know within a larger circle of friends and the four of us call ourselves the FGC, short for fat guy contingent. It's not an incredibly positive name, though Tenant One of the FGC is to get the fuck out of the FGC, so... I guess it's sort of like Fight Club, except exactly the opposite.

Anyway, recently I've become addicted to Facebook. I noticed a very interesting thing... none of the four of us FGC'ers had profile pictures, though we all have profiles. Karate Kid, ninja, a panoramic of what I believe is an ocean and... default. Nice. One of my friends from the past called me on it when she visited my profile and I thought about it... I don't have *any* pictures of me. I don't own a camera. I tend to avoid those who do. I don't and haven't wanted a record of my existence for some time now.

Self-loathing is a terrible thing. I'm glad I'm coming out of it, it's been too long.

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Twice the Man said...

just got to this post after reading the one today, I have no pics either and no real camera, hmmm, congrads on graduating out of the fcg again!

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