Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Wednesday morning

One of the more difficult things with working out with a partner is the schedule. Dan is a morning person - I've worked with him at four different jobs since college, and he's always wanting to wake up early, get to work early, leave early, pick up his kids from school, and go to bed early.

I, on the other hand, enjoy staying up until 2am.

I think a big problem in our workouts is that we would meet at 6:30am, which based on my traveling meant that I had to be driving by 5:15 to get there on time. That's hard enough. However, there's another issue - winter.

I don't tend to get depressed by the winter, but I do have a version of seasonal affective disorder - I'm tired. All the time. When it's dark out driving to work and dark out (and when I say dark, I don't mean Not Noon - I mean Pitch Black), then my body tends to slow down and I need more rest. Over the summer, when the sun's up at 5am and doesn't disappear until after 9pm here, I do quite well. But when it's dark and cold and uninviting, I tend to shut it down a bit.

This morning I slept in an extra hour past when I'd normally go to the gym. When I got up, I didn't have to rush to meet someone else's deadline. I packed my bag, grabbed a water bottle, did my morning thing, then left when I was ready.

I did 40 minutes on the elliptical this morning, running 4 miles. My shirt was soaked, as was the top band of my sweat pants. :)


Carlos said...

kick ass! oh and yes winter sucks

Andrew is getting fit said...

I think it's good that you have recognised that you do better on your own schedule. Way to go!

Geoff said...

I'm so glad I live in southern California. There's no way I could handle winter anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

When one door closes a window opens and now you are thin enough to climb through it....Maybe it was time for a change. I go to bed at 3am due to a pm shift I do at the hospital and forcing myself to get up early always leaves me dragging the whole day through. Sometimes just that extra hour is all you need. Keep up the great job Roder.

Your wingman Kelsana

Twice the Man said...

Hey I may be the one below 250 at the moment, but I expect you to join me down here as we both head to the bottom quarter of the 200s by Spring

screwdestiny said...

That's good that it's actually kind of working for you not having a workout partner right now. But at any rate, let's hope spring comes soon.

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