Thursday, January 07, 2010


Today I ended up staying home from work due to weather concerns. Instead of being in the office I was able to telecommute - yay!

That meant that on my lunch break, I was able to go and check out a nearby gym. Sweet! And lucky that, as today was the last day of $1 initiation fee at the place I found. It's also only $10 a month, with no contracts! I'm pretty stoked. I still might not make it every day, but now the weekend presents opportunities for me that I haven't had before. Sweet. Also? They're 24/7, so they fit my goofy schedule. Sweet sweet super-sweet!

Tonight I went to taekwondo. They were encouraging me to take a belt test this upcoming weekend. I declined, saying that I just got my new belt, then disappeared! But as I've been doing the martial arts thing years prior to my current gig, I'm sure I'd be just fine moving forward. Oh well... next month for that.

One thing that's bugging me... my muscles. Or rather, lack thereof. When I used to flex, a pronounced biceps would greet me. She's fucking disappeared! As has all the little muscle lines of my forearms. I mean, there's still *some* shit going on, but it's not nearly as pronounced as before. That makes for a sad, motivated panda. I needs me my muscles!!!


Carrie said...

Hey, that sounds cool! Mind if I ask what gym it is? I have a membership at Snap Fitness as well as one to my house ;) and I use both!

Would you mind posting your current workout routine, as compared to the workout routine you had with muscles? I might be able to look through it and see if that has anything to do with the disappeared muscles.

And I just realized how far you are commuting. Wow. And I thought I took the cake on that with my 3-hours in the car plus one to get home routine!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Great find with that gym!

Daisy said...

I have a membership at Snap too. I love the convenience, but hate that they don't have a squat rack, just a stupid smith machine.

Great find on the fees.

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