Monday, January 04, 2010

And here we go!

A fairly auspicious beginning to my New Years Monday; after a rather long weekend, I crashed hard and couldn't rouse myself come 5:30. So... shit. Starting this one as I ended the last one?

Hell no.

I'll be working out in the evening tonight instead. I'm also knocking back my water, logging my calories in my counter and generally (and most importantly imho), turning my brain and therefore my focus back onto The Work.

I am not a statistic. I'm not a failure. I'm a winner. Stay with me, watch me win. Here we go!


Andrew is getting fit said...

Cheering you on!

TC said...

Yeahhh Carlos!! Work it, own it, make it your bitch!

Katie J said...

Rock on man, Rock on!

Steve said...

Hey there,

Just came across your blog and have some catching up to do, but I look forward to seeing what the new year has in store for you, seems like you've come a long way so far.

antgirl said...

You'll do it!

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