Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My back is sore

Just got back from a nice run over my lunch break. Tonight I'll be heading to martial arts - this should be a great fitness day!

The Gal appears to want to get her fitness up too - looks like more healthy, home-cooked meals and the swapping of gym stories on the horizon. Not too sure what's motivated her to start going again, but I'm glad that we're sharing this, even if we're not doing it together. Makes it easier for both I think.

So I noticed an uptick in blogging from my peers right after the holidays, but it appears to be abating. I think it's time to go through the blogs I have listed over on the right and start to cull them. I collect weight-loss blogs to help inspire and motivate me, but the lion's share of them are now mothballed and they're inspiring very little on my end.


screwdestiny said...

That's cool that The Gal's on board! It's always nice when your partner shares the same healthy habits and outlook.

Andrew is getting fit said...

My fitness life became so much better once my wife started too. So look to each other for inspiration.

Fat Daddy said...

It is such a huge help to have a partner on this journey. I hope she sticks with it. For you and her. Way to go with the running and the martial arts of course.

Daisy said...

Our workouts are a family thing. Me, the hubby, the 19 yr old son, and the 18 yr old daughter. The littlest is too young yet.

We partner up based on everyone's schedules. It works out nice and everyone is getting in shape.

Glad your girl is rejoining your fitness path.

anne h said...

Chicks always do this!
Myself included. Not so much any more.
Let's hope your Gal has a healthy, long-term approach and can stick with it!
Maybe she could start a blog?

Green Tea said...

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anne h said...

There's a blog award for you over on my post today!

Twice the Man said...

It is easier to blog and even workout at the first of January, I hope more of us stick at it this year.

Ron said...

Running and martial arts,,,great exercise day!

brandon said...

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