Thursday, March 12, 2009


The alarm went off and I hit snooze then rolled over. Again it blared its incessant call for me to rise and I again insisted it snooze. For a third time it called to me, demanding that I attend to business. Fine, I thought. I'm running late, and I could still play the sick card, but whatever - I'll go.

The temperature was a not-so-mild -5°. I've got to move the hell out of this state. Don't get me wrong - I'm a hearty guy and love winter as much as the next Minnesotan, but seriously... while cute as Christmas approaches, winter has stretched on far too long and I'm so totally over it. Let's let spring show up, yeah? Yesterday on my way to work I found my car windows had frozen up - tough to go through the drive-through and get my morning green tea/muffin when I can't roll down the window. Oh, quick aside -- while we have Starbucks here, we also have Caribou Coffee. It's MN's version of Starbucks - perhaps you have it where you live. In any event, the one on my way to work has two types of green tea - Dragonwell and Sweet Jasmine. I get the Dragonwell. It's a heavier flavor. Very good. Well yesterday they were out, so I grabbed the Jasmine. Wow. It was like I was drinking a patch of flowers. Seriously? This is what we're going with - flowers? No thank you. If ever they're out of Dragonwell again, I'm switching to Earl Grey or something.


I got there. Late. Dan was already on the elliptical. That's not my favorite, but I understand why - he didn't think I was going to show. Ugh. I only did 5 minutes of elliptical, and not very hard. I could feel it in my chest. No thank you. We then went and did arm day. I made it through every rep of every set, but walked out of there thinking that I half-assed it. I'm going to file today's effort under Fake It 'Til You Make It, and assume that once this sick has really and truly passed, I'll be okay. Until then, I'm still going to go however.

btw, the good news? I stepped on the scale this morning. Now, I feel bloated and I think that my face looks puffier than standard, but I've gained nothing. Lost nothing either, but I didn't really expect to. I guess I'm happy with the no-gain thing. And surprised.

Keep on keepin' on peeps.


TJ said...

Eh, fake it until you feel better. What you did was better than staying in bed, yes?

I can't stand any kind of tea, but I'd have to really hurl if it tasted anything like flowers. YUCK!

Yep, if you can't lose, staying the same is definitely better than a gain. Just remind me of that sometime when I complain about not losing. :)

Carlos said...

wow im impressed. I heard the snooze this morning and told and told my workout to f right off...

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