Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My winter coat, again.

I heard the soft pitter-patter of rainfall splashing the deck that is off my living room and smiled while I checked my email and schedule this morning. I love rain. I love the smell on the air and the fresh feeling that a cool breeze brings. I didn't really notice the sound go away as I was gearing up to take my shower and rinse the gym off my skin.

Gathering my four morning essentials (phone, wallet, keys, ID badge), I looked outside to the day beyond and saw snow. Thick, heavy snow falling in large wet clumps.


Instead of pulling on a hoodie before stepping out, I grabbed my heavy wool coat. I didn't mind. For the last two months I've been wearing a different coat from my nice black one. I'd been wearing the black one as long as I could as I felt I'd invested a fair amount in it and did like the Darth Vaderesque silhouette I cut as I strode through the cold nights, but it was just time. So I went back to the old one who's buttons I'd popped last year.

She's a double ex. She fits wonderfully again. I can't wait to retire her and wear a single ex.



Deb said...

I love rain too. Sometimes I feel like a weirdo when I am looking forward to a rainy day and everyone else is disappointed.

cutecynicalchubbygirl said...

I like the rain too - snow? Not so much. At least not when I have to go out and do work-type things... Awesome about the coat - single x will be soon!

Michelle said...

I'm here by way of May's blog. You got me at the Darth Vaderesque comment. You simply must post a photo now :)

SeaShore said...

I woke up to snow yesterday, too.Took 80 minutes to shovel. So much for March going out like a lamb!

Looking forward to hearing about the single X coat... soon :)

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